Charting problems

I know this cycle is a bust.  I know this because my temps have dropped below my coverline at 5 (or 9 depending on which ovulation day you pick) dpo, much like they've done before.  Only this time, I'm not entirely sad.  This month I've done a good job of looking towards open enrollment and planning for the coming year. Last week I got the first open enrollment email reminder.  Now if they'll just publish the options and rates I can get started.  As far as my charts are concerned, I'm not sure how much I trust FF this cycle.  My most fertile cervical fluid, my ovulation pain and my tests all point to me ovulating on Saturday the 15th.  However my temperatures didn't spike until Thursday the 21st causing FF to label the 20th as ovulation day. 

Has anyone else had any trouble with FF charts not being accurate? 


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