Just in case

A couple of nights ago I was lying in bed and realized I hadn't taken my meds for the night.  Since babe was walking around, I asked if he wouldn't mind grabbing them for me.  I explained how many of each I needed and where to find them.  As he was opening the folic acid bottle he asked what it was for.  I explained to him that should I become pregnant it would help with the baby's brain development.  As soon as I said it I laughed thinking it was such a strange thing to be doing.  It's important, don't get me wrong, and I won't stop taking it as long as we're trying.  It's just dawned on me though that I've been taking it for almost 2 years now with "if" in mind.  I've been preparing for this for quite sometime and even before the folic acid came along.  I remember leaving the hospital the day we met my nephew on my husbands side for the first time.  I remember my husband being so excited about him and talking about wanting to have one of his own soon.  I remember plotting out a timeline when we would stop using birth control, not sooner than we were ready though because we could conceive right away.  It's all so strange this IF thing.  


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