It's none of your business

Today we decided to throw a little luncheon in honor of my boss becoming a grandma.  Don't get me started on a grandma shower, I'm still up in the air about how I feel about them.  But it is a long standing tradition in our department so it only makes sense to do one for her.  

Anyway, it was casual and intimate and I was feeling pretty good about it.  That was until every conversation led back to when the rest of us were going to start having kids.  We listened, laughed, avoided and deflected as much as we could.  I listened while she told my co-worker she could only deny if she "couldn't have kids".  I laughed her off when I was told I needed to try harder.  Shamefully I even turned the attention to my other co-workers which I now completely regret.  It was brutal.  Thankfully most of the other girls know our struggles and were helpful but I can't help but feel awkward that I spent my afternoon dodging questions about my reproduction.  

Why is it anyone's business and even more so in a professional setting?  Even if I had been forthcoming about my infertility, that wouldn't have stopped the annoying suggestions that every one of us has encountered.  Sometimes I wish I could wear an invisible sign on my shirt that would tell people without the follow up questions and recommendations.  It was easier when we first started trying and I would joke that we never wanted kids.  At least that stopped people in their tracks.  Today I just wanted to scream at her "IF YOU ONLY KNEW!".  


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