Infertility awareness

Now that April is here I'm starting to feel everything that it brings.  Aside from the beautiful Southern California weather we are having it means celebrations of all different sorts.  It means prepping financially and medically for an exciting next month.  What it also brings is National Infertility Awareness Week #NIAW, April 19-25th.  

Last year I had cautiously decided against going public about our struggle.  I mean, we were going to get pregnant anyways so it wouldn't matter...right?  Instead I publicized my infertility board on Pinterest and hinted around the subject.  I at least wasn't going to keep quiet about it.  Babe at the time was incredibly supportive.  He had originally encouraged me to say something on FB but understood why I was apprehensive.  356 days later and I've decided I'm not waiting any longer.  Okay well maybe another nine days until April 19th at least.

Although I'm sure many people have guessed and our inner circle is already aware, I'm incredibly nervous to put it all out there.  So bare and so permanent.  I've already typed up what I'd like to say and have been creating a new Pinterest board with resources for those of us struggling as well as their friends and family.  In addition, since I will be sharing my infertility with everyone IRL, I also plan on finally reveling myself here as well!  Whoa, whoa, whoa, crazy I know.  For the past year I've given it a lot of thought and I feel really good about all these changes.  

In addition to NIAW, I've also been thinking of ways to participate in Advocacy Day and in my own baby steps way, I finally have that opportunity.  Chris and Candace from their blog Our Misconception offered to take letters to our representatives for us!  How awesome of them is that!  So in a small way, and thanks to them, I'm able to participate in not only National Infertility Awareness Week but Advocacy Day to bring awareness to the infertility community.  If you have a chance, take a look at their blog and consider writing a letter of your own to help initiate change in legislation.  

I'm so exited to be doing so much for myself and my community in the next couple of months.


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