Foxy Roxy

Life has been hectic and wonderful and tiring all in the same breath lately.  Roxy girl is acclimating well to us and our schedules as are we to her.  She's a little fire ball who loves napping and cuddling close to mom and dad at the drop of a hat.  All of this means she's been given multiple nicknames.  She's foxy Roxy, Roxy Hart, my Parrot, E's Billy Goat and my favorite, sour patch kid.  She's super smart and quick to learn.  

In fact, during the day, and only while she's young, we keep her in a play pen while we're at work.  When she's old enough to not get hurt and she's closer to being 100% potty trained, we plan to change that.  But for now, that's her little home.  Unfortunately for us, she's way smarter and learned to scale the side and escape into the living room. Thankfully I think we've got it under control now, but for a second I thought we were doomed.  But more than that, I was afraid she'd hurt herself badly in an escape attempt.  

We're trying to stay one step ahead of her antics but she's definitely outsmarting us.  Hopefully soon we'll be able to enroll her in obedience training to fill in the gaps.  For now she's learning to come and sit on command and has had no accidents in the last couple of days.  Things are looking up.


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