2 out of 3

So this happened last night.

Yup, my husband and my dog both have fractured knees.  It happened in a split second and I'm kicking myself for not preventing it.  She was coming to the edge of the bed to welcome me home and slipped down the 3ish foot drop snapping her arm to the side.  Poor baby was in so much pain.  Thankfully our vet was open for another 10 minutes and is only 7 minutes away.  They took her in, did x-rays and bandaged her up sending us home with a bunch of instructions and pain medication.  We'll find out in the next day or two if she'll need surgery to repair it but the vet seems to think it will heal fine on its own.

Today I have both patients at home irritating each other while they commiserate.  I guess we're going to have a lot more nights in than I was expecting.


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