My stomach is in knots.  Twisting and turning waiting to hear back from our RE.  Babe did his SA last week and was told the results would take 7-10 days.  This morning as I was emailing them to be sure my referral made it, the nurse asked when we wanted to begin our IUI cycle.  What?!  Could this be a small oversight in our records from when the Dr. didn't have his original results and thought we should move right into IUI?  Or could this be them accidentally slipping up and telling us we're good candidates for an IUI before we've actually received the results?  

I'm trying to remain a realist optimist.  Is that even possible?  It would be amazing if the numbers have improved and it's not a hurdle we have to be concerned about.  There would still be so many questions I would want answered.  But that's for another time.

She said she was verifying the numbers with another nurse but that they would get back to us to soon.  It would just be unbelievable if it truly is an option for us.  We'll know soon I guess.


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