I turned 30 over the weekend.  I turned 30, my husband fractured his knee and we found out we qualify for IUI cycles. You could say it was a pretty eventful weekend.  

First, Babe should be fine.  Although he's in a lot of pain and rather uncomfortable from crutches and a leg immobilizer, he's hanging in there.  Like the kind man he is, he helped some EMT's carry another man down some stairs and his knee just didn't hold up.  An old fracture emerged which landed him in the ER for the rest of the day.  

In the meantime, we received notice that Babe's SA had improved significantly.  Enough that with our combined medical problems we have a shot, albeit small, to attempt IUI's.  After reviewing our insurance, our finances and the cost to do each round, Babe and I decided it would be worth it to try.  

We'll be waiting a couple cycles while our RE is out of the office and potentially clear up some endometriosis.  Once he returns full-time, April or May, we should be ready to start our first medicated cycle.  The plan is to be on oral Letrozole, a medication usually used to help treat cancer patients.  Then the we'll jumpstart ovulation with an injectible HCG followed by the RE doing two back-to-back inseminations and then Progesterone supplements.  

My only knowledge of IUI's has mostly been negative or ineffective.  Maybe this is because I was a part of an infertility board where anyone who had a success usually moved on.  So against my better judgement I Googled IUI success stories. I just needed to know that although it may not be our result, it's still possible.  Since this may very well be our first real chance to conceive I want to stay positive.  Call me naive but it has to be part of my process.

So while we're waiting, I will be visiting my new OB/Gyn to talk about my pain and possible endo.  Clearing it up probably won't make our IUI more successful but I hope it would make conceiving without intervention more of an option.  Crossing fingers.


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