Two day wait

This TWW seems to be going slower now that we're only two days away.  I haven't usually been one to stress about this part of it but ever since Sunday I've been dying to test.  Originally we had planned just a handful of things to keep us busy, most of which consisted of movies that were coming out in the theaters.  Plus since I'm a book fiend E took me to the bookstore the Wednesday of IUI #1 to pick up a few new ones.  Thankfully with our impending move, there's lots to be done around the house which has left very little time to read.

So for our TWW we have gone to see Pitch Perfect 2, gone to see Aloha, caught up on the Jurassic Park trilogy in preparation for Jurassic World Friday, gone to Home Depot about a hundred times, celebrated three birthdays, watched Game of Thrones twice, had two meetings with our realtor, painted and replaced some facia boards in the house, re-grouted a portion of the bathroom and lastly filled in a wall opening, puttied and texturized it.  In fact, here are some pictures of Babe working on the wall.  I gotta say, my handyman is hot.  


Now if only I can get through the next couple of days without going insane I think it will be a good two weeks.


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