Dream come true ****BFP warning****

I've been dreaming about writing this post from the day I began blogging.  What would I say?  How could I, knowing the struggles of dealing with IF, tread lightly?  And really there's no one perfect answer.  What I do know is this, there will be some people that are happy for us and others who may not be and that's okay.  I've been and am still there sometimes and everyone is entitled to their feelings.  

So without further adieu, Babe and I are happy to announce WE'RE HAVING A BABY!

You've all read the nitty gritty about our struggles and what it took to get here.  It was long, weary and so very painful but in the end it's paid off.  On Thursday, the 11th I was awake from 1-4 with either really massive morning sickness or bad Mexican food.  As the morning wore on and I became more delirious I was convinced it couldn't be anything else but me being pregnant and every now and then coming to my senses that we had only a 5% chance to conceive this cycle.  I had always planned on testing in the morning but told Eric I wouldn't test until we were at home together that evening.  So after a couple hours of fitful sleep I finally drug myself into the restroom armed with one First Response and one digital pregnancy test.  In seconds I could see the first line start to pink.  The first line!  The left one!  The one that never turns pink.  To make sure my eyes weren't playing any tricks I quickly dipped the digital test in my cup and began to cry.  It turns out 5% was all we needed.  

To keep the illusion up I quickly got dressed for work and told Babe I had a lot of work and was going in early.  I kissed him goodbye in his oblivious state and went on my way.  After calling the RE to schedule my beta test I ran down to the nearest lab and had my blood drawn.  Then on my way back into work stopped by Target for a "Daddy Loves Me" onsie and early Father's Day card.  The rest of the day was spent in a blur.  But around 2:00 my RE's office called me back.  I was definitely pregnant with a HCG of 222 and progesterone between 50 and 60.  

By the end of the day I'd hoped that Babe would be late as usual, just this once.  Instead he called me at precisely 5:00 to say he wasn't going to miss me peeing on a stick.  After convincing him that we needed to get some yardwork/housework done before the sun went down and that once we were relaxed I would do the deed, he finally left me alone for a few minutes giving me the chance to do what I'd been planning all along.  After about 5 minutes I called him in the house to say that the paint we'd purchased looked a little funny on the new wall and could he take a look.  He stepped one foot in the room and couldn't believe what he was seeing.

It's been a whirlwind weekend since then telling our parents and siblings.  Everyone has been excited that there's finally a little DD baby coming along knowing our struggles to bring him here.  I only hope that the next nine months are as boring as possible so we can bring the little bean home.  


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