Stop asking me

Since we've become public with our IF struggles, Babe and I have been overwhelmed with so much support from our friends and family that we even decided to talk about going through our first IUI.  It was a quick decision actually.  My husband answered a question for us and from that moment on we decided to be pretty open about it.  Since then I've been nervous about having to go back and tell all those people if/when we end up not pregnant after this.  BUT I'd hoped people would be adults about it and respect that we would tell them if/when we become pregnant.  Our plan has always been to let those closest to us in on the secret and once we pass the a first trimester to let everyone else know.

What I didn't expect was that by sharing these intimate details of our lives that people we aren't close to would constantly ask for pregnancy updates.  I feel like I can't blame anyone but myself since we became so open.  The first time it happened it caught me off guard.  My coworker knew I was out for a doctors appointment and when I arrived in asked if I had any good news to share.  There are so many things I wish I would have said but all I could muster was "if I did I'll tell you when I'm ready".   The second time may have been fueled by alcohol but I doubt made that big of a difference.  I was left reliving the conversation and wishing I'd said all the rude things that slipped my mind the first time.  Like, do you really think you'd be the first to know?  No, are you?  I'm not but I hope you feel better by reminding me of that.  

I guess prying and unsolicited stories/advice come with the territory.  Thankfully my support system is much stronger than the rest of the idiots out there.  


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