It's been a helluva week but we've at least gotten better at it.  Babe and I had a heart to heart about all that we've been taking on lately.  Thankfully he saw where I was coming from and promised to communicate (there it is again) better. Communication is what we fight about most and it such an easy fix.  E's promised that he will tell me before his pain is too unbearable.  What good does it do when we're hours from home and can't do anything about it?  I on the other hand have been very snappy with him lately.  I'm beyond stressed and I'm taking it out on him.  He's been nothing but sweet and trying to be helpful and I've been nothing but bitchy to him.  It's not been my proudest moment.  He's exhausted all possibilities and has no idea how to handle me lately.  So we're hitting refresh.  Since we've talked I've been a much kinder person, not just to him but everyone.  Or at least that has been my goal.  

E had his knee surgery on Thursday afternoon.  It was a long day for him but at least it's over and he's slowly on his way to recovery.  Poor guy has been stuck in bed pretty much the last 4 days.  The pain is subsiding but he's still pretty unstable.  Plus because of his pain meds, he's been in and out of it almost the whole time.  Although last night he decided he didn't like the feeling and will probably be weaning himself from them.  On the other hand, his whole family has come to visit him, even putting up with Roxy and I.  But with today being my first day back at work I'm more than a little nervous leaving them home together alone.  I'm hoping they're both alive when I get home.


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