Sometimes a girl needs a break

There's no way to describe how stressed and overwhelmed I'm feeling lately.  I'm trying to keep calm and roll with the punches but the punches keep on changing.

Last night I was frustrated about having to go out for the second of three times this week.  First off, going out is no easy feat.  It takes a lot of preparation on our end with cars, Eric getting ready and taking care of the puppy.  Plus the more moving around, the worse Eric's pain becomes.  I wish we didn't have to go out, but it was important for our family for us to be with them. 

As we were getting ready I started to think "doesn't anyone understand how busy we are" but quickly brushed the thought away because unlike my in-laws, we aren't the ones with kids.  Only they should be this busy right?  Sure on the surface that's true.  So what about Eric's injury and the fact that he can't stand for long periods of time or move around too much.  That the drive in the car needs to be much slower than usual to avoid bumps which hurt his knee. How about the crazy busy days at work we're both still having with no time to relax in the evening because there's too much to do.  There's cleaning up, doing laundry, taking care of Roxy and making sure she's not being forgotten.  Plus her vet visits, Eric's doctors, lab, hospital visits.  Not to mention prepping for Eric's surgery and my pending medical procedures.  And to top it all off we're in the midst of a very stressful refi during a month where every weekend is taken up by family birthdays.

After ticking these off in my head I began to get even more frustrated.  People keep offering help but in ways I can't use.  I appreciate the sentiment but what would really help if we could be let off the hook for three weekly visits.  Or maybe if someone offered to do my dishes or take the dog for an afternoon.  Maybe we took on more than we should have the last couple of weeks.  It would be nice though to have a minute of down time with my husband.  


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