This weekend I was able to sit and speak candidly with my new OB/Gyn about my endometriosis concerns.  I'd tried to have this conversation with my last Gyn but if I remember correctly I was too nervous to remember to bring it up during my one and only visit.  Regardless, I'd shared my symptoms with my RE who admittedly does not know much about endo to offer his help but recommended I speak with my doctor about it and keep him informed so he could be involved.  I'd scheduled my appointment about a month ago and on Saturday lugged all of my relevant records and test results to his office.

Dr. J had kindly looked at my charts prior to me even stepping foot in the door which I was very thankful for.  Without even introducing myself to him he already knew of my history rather than catching himself up for the duration of our meeting.  I was very open and straight forward with him.  I believe I have endo and I'm concerned that if it doesn't get resolved I will never have a chance to conceive naturally considering I only feel ovulation on my left side and if  I do become pregnant am afraid of the likelihood of an ectopic pregnancy in my left tube.  What can I do before we proceed with an IUI?  He was frank.  Endo cannot be removed from fallopian tubes without causing even more damage to them.  Even the act of putting the camera in me could cause even more adhesions and scar tissue.  My left tube should be considered non-existent.  It's possible an extra sensitive ovary is being mistaken for ovulation pain and that I am in fact ovulating on the right.  Considering the ways to diagnose and treat endo are counterproductive to conceiving, Dr. J encouraged E and I to move forward with the IUI.  He was generous in saying that  if I truly wanted him to proceed with treatment now he would, but he feels I have better chances with an IUI now than if I would wait to be treated.  His suggestion is that if after 3 IUI cycles I still want to move forward, he would feel more comfortable treating me then.  

It was a relief to get that appointment out of the way.  For someone who's had two and a half years to study my condition, it felt nice to have an educated conversation with a doctor and not feel disregarded.  Doctors are so used to being the expert in every medical field that when you come to them with information it often time results in being blown off.  With Dr. J and with Dr. N, my RE, I don't feel that way at all.  I'm genuinely looking forward to having them on our side.  


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