My cup overlows

Is it possible to be even more blessed than you already are.  I mean, this feeling has been oozing out of me for a while but there have been so many more unexpected things happen to us I don't know how to contain myself.

As you know we had planned to move soon.  We were shocked to find we received an offer a week after putting it on the market.  Thank God, one thing down.  Since then we've been scouring the surrounding cities looking for the perfect house, with the perfect location all within our budget.  Babe and I had started to get discouraged because we couldn't quite find that combination until this weekend.  As soon as we saw it online we knew it could be our house but the day we arrived we realized the odds were against us.  In four days of being on the market more than 30 people had already walked through and offers had already been submitted.  We literally were sitting in our car outside waiting for our realtor watching cars slow down in front of it and pick up the phone.  

The house was as close to perfect as we could get.  The neighborhood was ideal, only 5 minutes from our current home but in a better part of town with better schools for baby bean.  The lot was large, large enough to have all our families over, let the dog run free, watch our little ones grow.  And the house, large enough to grow our family for the rest of our lives.  Good enough to feel cozy in, to make it our home.  It felt right, but we knew the competition was going to be tough.  So we did what any realtor would suggest of their clients, offer as much as you could.  By the next morning all our cards were on the table and we were nervous.  It would be a lot for us but it was doable.  I mean we'd done it before and if this was the right move, we'll never have to do it again.  

That same night we were notified that everyone would need to go back to the drawing board and come back with their very best offer.  E and I talked about it and realized there was nothing more we could do.  We'd already given them everything we could, we'd even written a letter to the homeowner directly thanking her for showing us around.  We took a huge risk knowing we would more than likely not be chosen.  We decided to resubmit the exact same offer.  

Last nights call came as expected.  Babe and I had resigned ourselves to not getting chosen because we didn't have any more to give.  We would just have to schedule more walk through over the weekend to find that right place.  But then our realtor said something that we had never in a million years expected, they chose our offer.  What?  But how? Why?  So many questions, some that we're okay are never answered.

Of course the second we get off the phone Babe begins budgeting, packing and planning some more.  After this years medical problems we've still been waiting receive the bills for his surgery, my fertility treatments and of course planning for baby beans impending birth.  So I promised I would call the insurance company first thing in the morning to find out what's taking so long on his surgery bill.  This morning I talked to John.  By the way, I could kiss John.  John told me that the insurance had already been billed and that we should never receive a bill for E's knee surgery. Seriously!  He also told me that when baby bean is born, we will not be charged one penny.  As I relayed the information to my husband I could literally hear the smile spreading across his face.  How great it is to hear his sign of relief.

I'm just at a loss for words at how good God is.  How much things have turned around for us when we were expecting such devastation this year.  That there are too many things to be thankful for to count.  But oh how I am.


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