Little update

Have you ever heard someone say that summer colds last longer than winter colds?  Have you ever had a summer cold?  They suck in so many different ways that the only good thing about them is they're not a summer flu.  Babe came down with a small cold in the middle of our Vegas trip two weeks ago.  It knocked him on his butt for a couple of days and since he's been fighting all the cycling symptoms which never seem to be the same from day to day.  And as much as we tried to avoid it, it finally caught up to me last week too.  Of course I can't just get a normal cold.  Nope, on Saturday night we wound up in the emergency room with me having an asthma attack that I just couldn't fight.  After just a couple hours, a breathing treatment and a prescription to treat bronchitis.  Luckily for me the medication is considered safe and is finally helping.  It's been pretty rough the last couple of days with very little sleep to get me through the day.

Besides having bronchitis, we're now in the midst of selling our house.  It's caused a lot of stress for Babe which I hope eases up soon.  Our house went on the market a week ago and we've had one interested party and a lot of lookie loos.  We've yet to find anything ourselves that meets all of our must haves but I'm sure we'll get there.  At this point we're no worse off if the house doesn't sell and we have to stay in it for a while longer. I just really hope E sees how much he's putting himself through by worrying and give himself a break.  There's a  lot going on and he's not responsible for fixing it all by himself.


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