3T Madness (GBCB)

I'm a little sad but mostly confused.  TB had a major fallout between me posting yesterday and going to check updates today.  For the past 9 months or so, it has been a small community I've been able to participate in.  To help get answers and support during this crazy IF struggle and to give support in return.  Last nights change banned a lot of regular users and put our board on radio silent for 24 hours.  After much searching, the only thing I could find were posts about the terms of use and a link to a pro-boards community.  

Interestingly enough, my last community on the Nest also had a mass exodus to pro-boards.  I stayed on it for a couple of years and even attended a few get togethers with local Knot and Nest members.  Unfortunately, the community vibe had changed over time and I decided it was my time to go.  So this morning when I created my new pro-boards account and found that any of my email addresses, which would be public knowledge, are all too identifying, I decided it was much too familiar.  

With that, I think for at least a short time, I'll be stepping away from the Bump.  Something I had never imagined would happen so suddenly.  I'm a little frightened that I may not be ready but for now that's what I've decided.  I hope I'm in a good enough place to navigate this by myself from now on.  I'm sure I'll reference old posts for questions.  For now though, my IF life will be condensed to this little old blog.  With so many changes on the horizon, I'm sure I'll have enough on my plate to distract me anyway.  

So any 3Ters out there, I wish you the best.  


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