How could I forget?  Tonight is such a big deal for us and for some reason I've gone all morning without thinking about it.  It was probably a good thing because now that I remember tonight is our RE seminar I'm a little anxious.  For nothing of course since we don't even have a consult booked yet.  The greatest part about tonight is that we'll be given a free initial consult just for attending as well as be put into a raffle for $1000 worth of free fertility treatments at their office.  How exciting would that be!  

Yesterday I finally received a call back from my Gyn's office regarding my medical records.  Unfortunately I didn't have my medical records right in front of me so I could only go off of memory.  The office manager claimed she couldn't see the information I was talking about and didn't know why my Dr. never reviewed my tests with me.  Then she proceeded to tell me that I had indicated on my paperwork that I'd received an "office positive blood pregnancy test". She did however offer me a chance to sit down with the Dr. on staff to review my HSG & ultrasounds.  Today when I looked up the forms she was talking about, I could clearly see that there was not even an option to claim I had a positive blood test.  Needless to say, I have no intention of returning to the office after that.  

So now, I count down until I can finally be treated with proper care and can hopefully find out what is slowing us down from having babies of our own.  2 months 16 days.


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