It's the little things

Here's a little tip if you ever go paintballing, take your glasses off before putting on the mask.  Otherwise they may get stuck in the mask and you'll wind up leaving them at the paintball park before you even realize they're gone. Yesterday, because it was time and because I need new glasses before my trip, I made an appointment with my eye doctor.  It was quite possibly the best time I've ever had at any doctor. 

Since I'm being treated for diabetes by my PCP, I got my eyes dilated for the first time.  Man that is a trippy experience. To top it off, I had totally forgotten that my work offers a free pair of glasses in addition to regular insurance, if your glasses are for computer usage and your job requires a lot of it.  That meant I got to pick out two pairs while my vision was quickly deteriorating.  It probably wasn't the best idea to choose them in that state but thankfully Babe helped after I figured out how to send picture texts to him of my selections.  I decided to use my free pair as my normal glasses and my insurance pair as polarized sunglasses.  As my doctor and the receptionist were adding up my out of pocket costs I seriously began to second guess my decision.  By the end the doctor simply said, "okay, you're all taken care of".  Wait, what!?  Not only was everything going to be covered but even my copay was waived.  AMAZING!  I seriously couldn't thank them enough for putting up with all my craziness.  

Then this morning Babe and I got notice that all of our tours were approved for DC!  We'll be going to the White House on Saturday morning then Library of Congress and US Capital on Veteran's day.  If you think I'm excited you should see Babe.  He never thought he'd have a chance to visit DC let alone walk in the White House.  I'm so happy for him.  

This week is a damn good week.


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