We're doing what!

We must be gluten's for punishment.  I mean who else would bitch and moan about having to refinance their house and then turn around and consider selling it?  Apparently us.  Well we had hoped that with the little bit of cash we took out, we'd be able to put it into a bathroom remodel as well as a couple other minor projects around the house.  We were very mistaken on how much money we would expect to spend.  The projects are essentially doubling in cost with less of an outcome than we were hoping for.  In turn we're in a home that I'm not particularly in love with in a location that isn't ideal and for the most part Babe is in agreement.  So on top of the three vacations we have planned this year, the fertility treatments we are undergoing and life in general, we now plan on going on the market for a new home.  Exciting and frightening all at the same time.  

With Babe's knee and my potential condition, moving furniture and heavy boxes probably isn't the best idea.  Plus I'm a little sad to see it go, nostalgia and all.  After all, it was our first home purchase.  I've been looking in all the rooms and I'm most terrified of moving our bed and my bookcase.  I would guess that we have about 350 books that I've avoided donating or giving away and now it's probably going to bite me in the butt.  

Speaking of books, I started a new one this week.  It received pretty fantastic reviews online and was, if I remember correctly, a recommendation to me by one of my hockey seat mates.  It's called Fingersmith by Sarah Waters.  This would be my 12th book this year minus two from the Dummy line of books that I'm in the midst of flipping through. Since I probably won't read them cover to cover I can't exactly add them to my count.  For now though, Fingersmith is proving to be very entertaining as was Goldfinch.  With only my Goodwill books and a few passed down from my mother-in-law I see a Barnes and Noble run in my near future.  At least to be sure I have something to get me through my two week wait.  


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