Not what it was cracked up to be

I've been pretty lucky.  This pregnancy has been what everyone hopes for - lack of morning sickness, normal energy, no cravings or food aversions causing little to no weight gain, and overall a lot of feeling normal.  The most important part of it has been that Baby Bean is healthy and has passed every test thrown his way.  So if the worst pregnancy is a sucky doctor at today's appointment I will count myself blessed.  

Today we saw the perinatologist for my anatomy scan.  For those who don't know, they are the doctors who perform certain genetic tests as well as work with high risk patients.  I am considered both which I'm still having a hard time grasping.  Despite my feelings about the subject, the point to all of this is to make sure Bean is being taken care of and I would do everything in my power to make sure that's the case.  The appointment started off pretty typical for that office so my husband and I weren't surprised when the nurses scolded me for not having all the answers to their questions and being generally unfriendly.  I answered what I could and wrote it off as all being worth it to spend an hour or so watching my baby.  

We were then escorted to a room where the nurse began the ultrasound and taking pictures of the most obscure angles.  But then again I got pictures and I should be thankful so that's not even the worst.  Once pictures were handed over the nurse indicated that the doctor was not in the office yet and that as soon as she arrived we would be seen again to complete the ultrasound.  My mom who joined us for the appointment, my husband and I all looked at each other with confused looks on our faces.  Thirty minutes later the doctor arrived introducing herself and immediately began to berate me for not having brought my blood sugar monitor or logs in with me.  When asked what my fasting levels were I genuinely did not have an answer for her, not one that I was secure enough in knowing that I would have wanted to share at least.  So I said I didn't know thinking it would save me from the harsh words that were being thrown at me.  I was very wrong.  The doctor continued to list all of the many complications that could derive from poorly managed blood sugar including miscarriage, excessive or under weight, complications giving birth, etc.  I explained that my OB and I had already made a plan and that I would be working with them.  She did not like this answer and accused me of being antagonistic to which I was explained that I was tired of being lectured about something that isn't even an issue.  My blood sugar is managed and no one has seen any cause for concern including her.  At that point I was dumbfounded and all but completely shut down.  I was waiting for Babe or my mom to speak up but because both were silent I assumed that what the doctor was telling me about my attitude must be true.  So instead I stayed silent waiting the doctor out until I could see my sweet baby again.  

By that point the doctor clearly did not want me there any longer than necessary.  She rushed through what I've been told was the most exciting ultrasound of my pregnancy and said very little to any of us.  When she was done she said that everything about the baby's anatomy looked good and allowed me to clean myself up.  She broke the silence by telling me I had been snarky and that I obviously didn't want their help.  According to her, since I was refusing to be seen by their office any longer, I needed to sign a form titled "What Diabetes Does To My Baby" listing every possible outcome mismanaged diabetes could cause.  I spent the next few minutes trying to compose myself in the restroom while my family waited for me outside.  Wanting so much to tell the doctor off and knowing that no matter what I said it would not be heard.  I would be brushed off as having a bruised ego or being contemptuous.  Instead I met my husband in the waiting room where he and my mom were discussing what I thought I was making up in my own head.  
What I couldn't understand was how I went from not knowing all the answers, which I was never told to prepare for since I thought this appointment was simply an anatomy scan, to basically killing my baby with my poor diet and high blood sugar.  Why she would leap to such conclusions and add insult to injury by not just insinuating, but accusing me of having an attitude that I clearly didn't have, is beside me.  I left feeling cheated of having the experience many have said is quite possibly the best appointment you'll have your entire pregnancy.  I just wish I hadn't felt so alone in that room where 3 other people witnessed what happened.  Had I known I wasn't the only one who thought she was so incredibly rude I might have stood up for myself.  But again, the most important thing is that our baby is safe, healthy and incredibly loved.  

On a brighter note I think I know what we're having.  Babe wants me to divulge but I'm keeping it to myself for now. We'll see when he or she graces us with their presence in 20 more weeks!  


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